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What We Offer

Not sure what’s wrong with your PC or Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet or Android Box?


Don’t worry! NextGen offers an array of repair and upgrade services. With trained specialists for every brand and product, we are truly your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Don't worry, we offer VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES; our services will not break the bank :)

Mobile Phone Repairs

  • Cracked Screen? 

  • Touch Screen not responding?

  • Dropped in liquid?

Mobile Phones form an essential part in our life today and when things go wrong, we would like to get them sorted and get ready to go soonest possible!


We are fully aware of this and that's why we offer:


  • A 24 hour repair service in most of the cases 

  • If repairs will take longer we offer you a FREE REPLACEMENT MOBILE PHONE

  • PICK-UP & DELIVERY Service offered FREE OF CHARGE all around Malta!

We have a team of FULLY QUALIFIED technicians on the job, so expect a professional service at all times!


PC & Laptop Repairs / Upgrades / Formats

We’ve got tons of experience with Hardware/ Software Upgrades and Repairs on PCs & Laptops.


We take pride in our customer service and work to pinpoint and address every issue you face. Feel free to call for more information or to set up an appointment.


Don’t worry, the experts at NextGen are ready and waiting to help you.

We offer PC / Laptops:

  • Software and Hardware repairs

  • Software and Hardware Upgrades

  • Anti-virus Solutions

  • Formats

Android Box Repairs / Upgrades

We are the leaders in this field!

We have been assisting clients on repairs and upgrades of Android Boxes for the past 6 years; we can revive your box in no time!

We offer:

  • FREE Pick Up & Delivery Service all around Malta

  • Repairs & upgrades within 24 hours

  • Installation & Troubleshooting at your home if required


Contact us today for a quote! 


Internet & Wi-Fi Installation & Troubleshooting

  • Do you have internet connectivity problems?

  • Do you want to boost your wi-fi connection to cover all of your home?

  • Is your connection secure / encrypted?


Don't worry, NextGen can help!


We Offer:


  • Wi-Fi Boosting / Home Plugs Installation (various options available for your specific circumstances)

  • Repairs of weak and intermittent internet connections

  • Securing your wi-fi connection with a password (to stop other people from using/ hacking your connection) 


Bug Fixes / Virus Solutions

At NextGen, we’re on hand at all times to ensure that you get the help and advice you need.


Let our expert technicians diagnose the problem, and give you whatever Bug Fixes & Virus / Malware Removal you need.


That way they can determine exactly what needs to be done and do it, getting you back to work or play sooner rather than later.


Conversion Of Video Tapes To Digital

At NextGen , we know how precious  your old memories are!

We can get this sorted by converting old video tapes and 8mm film reels to digital format, such as Usb / Pen Drive or Dvd.

We will Collect & Deliver your video tapes FREE OF CHARGE!

Let us know how we can assist you today.