The wall clock Trevi OM 3321 HT is definitely one of the most popular devices in the technology industry for its modern and functional features. It is a truly unique clock of its kind.

The watch has a particularly innovative design, which makes it perfect for any decor, from the ultra modern to vintage and essential. The watch in question has an aluminum frame is lightweight and ergonomic.


To better meet your needs, the clock from Trevi OM 3321 HT wall is also equipped with temperature indicators and moisture , and is equipped with silent movement Sweep continuous seconds, so as to eliminate the annoying ticking of the hands and give so the best service and comfort possible.

Do you want a wall clock simple but functional at the same time?


Trevi OM 3321 HT is certainly the place for you!

Wall Clock TREVI OM 3321 HT

€10.99 Regular Price
€4.99Sale Price