– Receiver HD DVBT / T2 / HEVC codec H.265
– Multimedia player HEVC, HD Mpeg4, Mp3, Jpeg
– Compatible video format 576i / 576p / 720p / 1080i / 1080p
– Record programs and watch TV on USB
– Direct program records then change channel
– HDMI video output
– Scart connection / USB 2.0 input
– Remote control
– Save energy 6W / Standby <1W
– Dimensions: 132x30x75 mm
– Power supply:5V 2A con alimentatore in dotazione 110-240V 50/60Hz


The Decoder Digital Terrestrial DVB-T / T2 HEVC TREVI HE 3375 TS is a device for receiving the digital signal but is also capable of reading media files. You can record your favorite TV programs and watch them back when you want.


The Trevi decoder is a digital terrestrial receiver HD DVBT-T2 . It has a very minimal style but also stylish and is able to read multimedia content format JPEG , MPEG4 , MP3 , HEVC and HD . It is also compatible with various video formats including 720p , 1080i and 1080p . You can even record live television programs with the possibility to change the channel whenever you want.


The product Trevi is provided with an input HDMI and is also equipped with laterally input USB 2.0 and socket SCART for connections with other devices. Included is a remote control to manage the remote decoder without problems.


The device is then equipped with circuit for energy saving which will allow a reduced consumption in the bill.


With Freeview DVB-T / T2 HEVC TREVI HE 3375 TS display and record your TV programs. Make It Yours!

Digital Terrestrial Decoder TREVI HE 3375 TS

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    DVB-T & Satellite Tuners




    1x USB, 1x HDMI, SCART